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Jay College’s History

In Summer 2018, Jay College of Health Sciences, Inc. acquired the Palm Bay campus of Carleen Health Institute of South Florida formerly known as Carleen Home Health School, Inc. The Palm Bay campus of Carleen Health Institute of South Florida was established in 2012 to provide training and employability skills in the allied health field with programs in Home Health Aide and professional nursing at the associate degree and bachelor’s degree levels.

While the Palm Bay location is Jay College of Health Sciences, Inc.’s first degree-granting institution, Jay College of Health Sciences, Inc. is a spinoff from Maryland-based Living Spring Institute, a leader in NCLEX-RN preparation. The institution looks forward to delivering a rigorous nursing curriculum backed by proven NCLEX-RN preparation instruction to Brevard County, Florida.


We have exceptional faculty who are committed to excellence in nursing education.


Our program curriculum is designed to prepare nursing graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing health care environment. 


We are dedicated to providing contemporary career training that empowers nursing professionals to perform effectively in their chosen field. 

Legal Ownership

Ejike Asiegbunam, M.D., is the majority shareholder of Jay College of Health Sciences, Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida. 

Mission & Goals

Jay College of Health Sciences, Inc. is dedicated to providing contemporary career training that empowers nursing and other allied health professionals to succeed in their chosen field. Programs are designed to prepare these professionals at the diploma, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree levels while offering an academic setting wherein safe patient-centered care, quality improvement, evidence-based practice, teamwork, and collaboration are core values. 

Ultimately, our objective is to educate and place our students in the field. To achieve this mission the institution prepares graduates to competently practice nursing skills within a complex environment, understand the use and significance of evolving healthcare technology, and apply both professional and ethical principles with sensitivity to the needs of diverse individuals, groups, and communities.  



The faculty, courses, clinical experience, and overall rigor of Jay College  continue to improve as we institute a process of continuous assessment, and as we challenge our faculty and staff to ensure that the programs at Jay College are innovative and provide relevant experience for future nursing professionals.


Jay College and its  programs have met the  educational standards for approval and licensure from the following entities. Students may contact these entities to obtain additional information or address concerns. 

Florida Department of Education

The Commission for Independent Education  has statutory responsibilities in matters relating to nonpublic,  postsecondary, educational institutions. In keeping with the Florida Department of Education’s goal of producing a seamless educational  system, some of these functions include consumer protection, program  improvement, institutional policies and administration, data management,  and the licensure of independent schools, colleges and universities.

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Florida Board of Nursing

The Florida Board of Nursing is the state  entity that is responsible for the oversight and recognition of  licensure-based nursing programs. The Board’s mission is to “protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through  integrated state, county, & community efforts.” 

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