Entrance Exam $35
Registration $150
Externship Fees $4,000
Other Costs $600 (HESI Specialty Exam)

“Other Costs” – Includes fees for specialty exams (HESI exams)


  • Generic BSN – 36
  • months LPN-BSN – 24 months
  • RN-BSN – 12 months
Generic $38,836
LPN-BSN $35,916
RN-BSN $17,812


  • Externship Fees – the cost of practicum instruction is included in the tuition. However, most externship sites are located in the Florida panhandle or other parts of Florida where there is significantly less competition for clinical slots. These sites are not within normal commuting distances, resulting in transportation and overnight lodging Students have the option of booking and paying individually, or the Student Services coordinator may arrange for group discounts for students who pay externship fees directly to the institution.

supplies, student services (such as orientation and graduation), and uniforms cost. These costs will not exceed $600 for any student who completes the program within the prescribed number of weeks for the program.

*** Tuition – Students who transfer credits will pay less tuition than generic students. The total price depends on the number of transfer credits that meet our requirements and are accepted by the institution.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans are offered for each term for the professional nursing programs. Students wishing to take part in the payment plan must contact the Bursar’s Office to set up an appointment prior to the due date on the statement. Payment plans are interest-free unless the student defaults on the loan. Jay College of Health Science, Inc. may use a third-party loan service; however, Payment Plan Contracts are not sold to a third party.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Charges will be posted by the fifth business day of each term. Should a student be terminated or cancel the enrollment contract for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following prorated refund schedule:

  1. Cancellation must be made in person or by certified
  2. Drop/Add Policy for the Home Health Aide program: Cancellation after attendance has begun, thru to 40% completion of the program, will result in a Pro Rata refund computed on the number of hours completed to the total course hours. Cancellation after completing more than 40% of the program will result in no
  3. Drop/Add Policy for Nursing programs – The following tuition refund methodology applies:
    • Students who drop or withdraw from courses any time prior to one week after the start of class each term will receive a 100% refund of tuition and
    • Students who drop or withdraw from courses after the first week of the term but prior to the fourth week of the term will receive a 50% refund of tuition and
    • Students who drop or withdraw from courses after the fourth week of the term will not receive any refund of tuition and
  4. Each semester consists of two terms. The refund policy for Nursing Programs is applied each
  5. The termination date for refund computation purposes is the last date of actual attendance by the student unless earlier written notice is


Refunds will be made within 30 days of termination or receipt of cancellation notice.